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Book - Constellations Activity Book

Ryan Jacobson and Shane Nitzsche. All about
the stars, this book features 26 dot-to-dot
constellations, mazes, mythology and flash cards.
“Fun and learning are in the Stars!” $5.95

Our Price: $5.95
Book - Little Wolf's Song

LITTLE WOLF’S SONG by Britta Teckentrup
This sweet little children’s board book tells
the poignant story of a wolf pup who can’t
howl and how he eventually finds his voice.
#1507, $6.95

Our Price: $6.95
Book - Nature Log Book

NATURE LOG BOOK is great fun for the
nature lover. This journal allows young
naturalists a place to record their outdoor
experiences. Fifty-eight pages include
games, experiments, arts and crafts. $8.95

Our Price: $8.95
Book - The Lives of Wolves

The Lives of Wolves by Stan Tekiela. Beautiful
tabletop paperback celebrating the kings of
the canine world. $14.95

Our Price: $14.95
Book - Wolf Pups Join the Pack

American Museum of Natural History is sure to
make young readers howl with joy. This storybook
will fascinate young readers as they learn about
the life of a wolf pup.
Recommended for ages 4+. $14.95

Our Price: $14.95
Book -Wolf Land

Wolf Land This second memoir by wolf advocate
Carter Niemeyer takes the reader across the
West as he tracks wolves, shares in their lives
and seeks middle ground for the wolf.
Paperback. $18.00

Our Price: $18.00
Book - Birds of the Puget Sound Region

Birds of the Puget Sound Region by Bob Morse,
Tom Aversa, and Hal Opperman
Wonderful little
identification guide book of birds found in Wolf Haven’s
local area of the South Sound. The colorful pictures
and descriptions on each species will impress you.
See how many you have seen or can find in the
Puget Sound Region. $19.95

Our Price: $19.95
Book - Together, We Are Family

Together, We Are Family by Kelly M. Condon
is a beautiful new book for children ages 0 to
8 years old. With beautiful illustrations by
Pat Dobriska, the book presents the family life
of a wolf for the young at heart.
Hard cover. $20.00

Our Price: $20.00
Book - Wolf Haven Sanctuary and the Future of Wolves in North America

Wolf Haven Sanctuary and the Future of Wolves
in North America

Renowned photographer Annie Marie Musselman
was given the rare opportunity to photograph the
wolves at the Wolf Haven sanctuary. Her stunning
images of wolves are accompanied by author
Brenda Peterson’s poetic text in this beautiful
11 x 8-1/2book.

Our Price: $24.95
Book - Wolf Nation by Brenda Peterson

WOLF NATION by Brenda Peterson.
Based on conservation, science, and personal
account (one chapter traces the journey of a
Mexican wolf family born at Wolf Haven to their
eventual release into the wild in Mexico), this
book tells the 300-year old story of wild wolves
and their struggle to recover in America. By
showing us the relationship between man and
wolf, the author, with compassion and
understanding, makes a powerful case for the wolf.
#1517, $27.00

Our Price: $27.00
Book - Among Wolves

AMONG WOLVES is a wonderful book about
Dr. Gordon Haber’s amazing 43 years of
experience studying wolves in Denali National
Park. It will inspire wolf conservationists for
many years to come. By Gordon Haber and
Marybeth Holleman. $29.95

Our Price: $29.95
Book - Wolves on the Hunt, the Behavior of Wolves Hunting Wild Prey

Wolves on the Hunt, the Behavior of Wolves
Hunting Wild Prey

by David Mech, Douglas W. Smith and
Daniel R. Macnulty
A wonderful book about the interactions
between apex predators and their prey.

Our Price: $50.00