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Book - Constellations Activity Book Wooden Puzzle "Phoenix" Stuffed Toy
Wooden Puzzle
Our Price: $9.25
"Phoenix" Stuffed Toy
Our Price: $16.25
Constellations Activity Book
by Ryan Jacobson and Shane Nitzsche
All about the stars, this book features
26 dot-to-dot constellations, mazes,
mythology and flash cards.
“Fun and learning are in the Stars!”

The younger set will enjoy
this four piece wooden puzzle
of an adult wolf and pup.

Phoenix Stuffed Toy
The cutest stuffed wolf reclines regally,
showing his white underbelly and muzzle,
sweet golden eyes and dark brown topline.
Measures 13” in length and constructed of
faux polyester fur.


Book - Wolf Pups Join the Pack Book - Lobos Book - Together, We Are Family
Book - Lobos
Our Price: $17.99

Wolf Pups Join the Pack
Book by the American Museum of Natural History
is sure to make young readers howl with joy.
This storybook will fascinate young readers
as they learn about the life of a wolf pup.
Recommended for ages 4+.

This incredible story celebrates the
care and conservation work involved
in helping to save a highly endangered
species, the Mexican gray wolf.
Author Brenda Peterson and
photographer Annie Marie Musselman,
who created the book Wolf Haven:
Sanctuary and the Future of Wolves in
North America, have reteamed to produce
a stunning children's book about
endangered pups born at Wolf Haven
who travel to Mexico for release into the wild.

Together, We Are Family
by Kelly M. Condon
A beautiful new book for children
ages 0 to 8 years old. With lovely
illustrations by Pat Dobriska, the book
presents the family life of a wolf for
the young at heart.
Hard cover.

Our Price: $28.95

Huggably soft, and ready to cuddle.
At 15”, Alder the wolf doesn’t need
much space, and he’ll never have
an accident on the carpet.
Alder is ready, so will you be his forever home?
#1755 $28.95