Mission ~ Conserve and protect wolves and their habitat.

Wolf Haven International, located in Tenino, WA, is a sanctuary for captive-born wolves rescued primarily from private ownership. Since 1982, Wolf Haven has rescued more than 200+ captive-born wolves and provided them with compassionate care, companionship with fellow wolves, and a safe home for the rest of their lives.

Wolf Haven has a variety of educational opportunities for visitors to learn more about the wolf and its role in the wild. Our programs include classroom presentations, guided tours, on and off-site presentations, a virtual classroom and community outreach efforts.

Wolf Haven seeks to inspire wolf supporters to engage in practical activism. We encourage our members and volunteers to speak out in favor of welcoming wolves into WA state, and we provide them the tools to speak credibly about a scientifically balanced wolf management plan.
As a member of two Species Survival Plans, Wolf Haven is proud to be one of only three US pre-release breeding facilities for a multi-agency effort to restore Mexican gray wolves to the Southwest. Wolf Haven is also a foster facility for breeding and housing the endangered red wolf.